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A Challenge To Get Stronger

Posted on 10th February, by andybarkett in Staff. No Comments

Many of our Baseball Pros Academy Players were in action this weekend.  As well, many of our new players in the older divisions (16U-18U) will be kicking off their high school seasons very soon.  I hope that everyone has a healthy and successful 2013 Spring Season!

A quick tip and challenge to all of our players 9U all the way up - Let's get stronger... more atheltic ...  more powerful ... more balanced!  Lets make it Baseball Pros Academy's mission in 2013 to get our players stronger.  I believe all of our players from 9U-18U need to work on this!  The older you are, the less time you have, so get going!  Watch the videos below of Major League Players and what they do to get their bodies in shape to play the game at the highest levels.  Most of these movements are simple and don't take a gym or any equipment.  They just take some time, blood, sweat and a few tears.  It takes sacrifice to be good at something.  You have to work hard.  But more importantly, you have you know what to work hard at.  That is where I come in!  If you have high school, college, or professional baseball aspirations, the game will come much easier to you and you will give yourself a better chance to do something special in baseball if your are in shape and core strength is above average. Please watch these videos and let me know your thoughts below!  Time to get to work!

Coach Barkett


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