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Roger Dean Stadium

Posted on 13th February, by andybarkett in Staff. 1 Comment

This is where I go to work everyday until April 1st.  And yes, everyday.  Spring Training, there are no days off, unless it rains.  And, yes, we do pray for rain sometimes.  Spring is here.  Optomism in the air.  Pitchers and Catchers are two days in, position players arrive tomorrow and full squad begins on Friday.  Fun Spring so far.  A lot of good looking young players in the Marlins organization.  Hopefully, we can grab a few of them before we head to Jacksonville.  A long way to go until we head north.  A lot of work to do and a lot of decisions to make and players to get better.  By the way,  In the picture below.  The left side is for the Miami Marlins and the right side is for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Makes it really nice when we play them on the road.  Just a short walk to the other side.



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  1. andybarkett andybarkett says:

    We ended up getting rained out today. speak of the devil. We get zero off days in spring Training so we will take a rainout!

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