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Examples of Members Only Instruction:


Send your Video Clip in  to Our Video Analysis page and follow instructions for downloading.  Or, if it is a small file, you can email to baseballproscamp@gmail.com.  Please see and example of our Video Analysis Below.  

Untitled from baseballpros on Vimeo.


BI-Weekly Video Lessons & Online Hitting School:

Our Hitting School will kick off  the Bi-Weekly Lessons from Coach Barkett and Other Professional Instructors.  These lessons are very detailed & filled with information that is given to players at the highest of levels.  Mastering the fundamentals in practice is the key to success in baseball.  These lessons help provide the organizational structure of our Academy.  All posts are fully interactive with our members.

Members Only Weekly Instructional Blog Posts:

Each Week, Coach Barkett will provide an educational Members Only Blog Post which will cover topics such as, College Recruiting, Strength & Conditioning, Infield Play, Hitting, Pitching & all other Baseball Fundamentals.  See Example Below:

Great clip for infielders of all ages.  Simple Drills done by Gold Glove players that can be done by you at home everyday.  Simple training to create muscle memory.  Baseball is a hand-eye coordination game.  It is also a game where athletic position & athletic moves are made while still maintaining good hand-eye coordination.  His side to side, simple movements, can be done everyday.  Finding a wall and a ball, and mimicking this drill is possible for most.  If you want to play at the nexl level, or even if you don't and you just want to make less errors, than, make this a priority for you instead of playing Candy Crush.





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