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It takes a lot of hard work to achieve success on the baseball field. It is important that you are not just working hard, but working smart as well. Continuous repetition of proper mechanics will put you in the best possible position to succeed and catch the eyes of college and professional scouts. BPA, using the latest Video Analysis software, can break down your hitting, pitching and/or fielding mechanics and give you a professional evaluation.

Using slow motion, on screen graphics and video voice over, we will point out your strengths and weaknesses and give you a plan to improve. Your video analysis will be delivered right to your email address.

Why buy our video analysis?

  1. Be evaluated by a professional currently on the front lines of the game.

  2. Find and fix possible flaws

  3. Learn ways to improve

  4. Become a student of your craft

  5. You can’t find it cheaper on the web!


To have your swing analyzed, you will need some digital video of yourself swinging the bat. Between 5-10 swings from a side angle is sufficient. When you are ready to order, send your swings to the email below and click the Pay Pal button to pay.  Your completed analysis will be delivered to your email address promptly.


  • Professional analysis and evaluation of your mechanics.

  • Frame by frame break downs

  • Video voice over instruction

  • On screen graphics

  • Drills to improve

  • Delivered to your email address

  • Professional Examples and Comparisons



 BPA Video Analysis $45


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