Hitting Certification Course



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After 11 years as a player, and 17 years as a professional manager and coach, Andy Barkett is currently the Hitting Coordinator for the Chicago White Sox.  He won the World Series in 2018 as the hitting coach with the Boston Red Sox. In this 1-2 week course, Andy goes through the advanced methods of hitting. The course contains about 7 hours of video, audio, and an additional 3 hours of written material and quizzes. Whether you are a player looking to learn more, or coaching baseball at any level - these advanced principles can be applied from the Big Leagues to college to high school.

Course Content

Introduction to Professional Hitters - Earning trust from a professional hitter - Critical Elements of a Swing5 Topics - Breaking Down Video - Drill Packages for Professionals - Gameplanning for today's pitcher - Incorporating Data - Dealing with Misc Challenges